Cosplay Showcase: Stephanie Rogers (Fem Steve Rogers)


Hi there, and welcome to my first Cosplay Showcase post, in which I share my finished cosplay projects with you. πŸ™‚

It seems fitting that my first Showcase should be about my very first cosplay, one that I affectionately dubbed Stephanie Rogers because it’s a female interpretation of the character, Steve Rogers.

This particular cosplay is based on one of Steve’s casual costumes in The Avengers movie.

While not my favorite cosplay that I’ve done, this one is special for two reasons. First, as I mentioned, it was the very first cosplay I did. At the time, I purposely selected it because it’s fairly easy to make (you just gotta find the right clothing items; no sewing required).

The second reason is, Steve Rogers is possibly the pop culture character that I identify with the most, in terms of personality and values. He’s just a great, noble character to represent.

So, without further ado, here’s my Stephanie Rogers cosplay!


Favorite memory in this cosplay: Meeting a legit Captain America cosplayer at a con


When the weight of a country rests on you…

Favorite thing about this cosplay: Um…the giant shield?! Also the chance to represent a great character.


Getting a little creative with the photo filters πŸ˜‰

Changes in mind for this cosplay: None! While many of my cosplays feel like works-in-progress, even when they’re “done,” I think this one is great as is.


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