My Cosplay

I think it’s partly a writer thing to be a fangirl. Not all writers that I meet are nerds, of course, but many nerds that I meet are writers. Why? I think, simply put, we’re fascinated with stories and imagination. That’s our stock and trade. It only makes sense for us to engage with existing stories as well as our own.

Until a few years ago, I thought cosplaying was a little goofy. I mean, dressing up like characters? Then some friends of mine started doing it, and my creative brain started to kick in. I looked at some of my favorite characters and mulled over ways that I could recreate their costumes. From there, I was hooked – who doesn’t love a good challenge?

I’ll admit that sometimes trying to get a costume just right without breaking the bank makes me crazy, and sometimes I wonder if I’m just wasting my time on these costumes. Then I remember how much fun I have using cosplay as an outlet for my creativity and problem-solving skills. Besides, there’s nothing like the satisfaction of finishing a costume and having other nerds compliment it.

So, while this blog is mostly dedicated to me as a Christian and an author, I wanted to make some room for my art hobbies, too. Hope you enjoy the photos and posts about my cosplay and costuming! Thanks for visiting. 🙂