My Publications


This page contains a complete list of all my published writing. I have sorted it into three categories for easy navigation. “Recurring Publications” and “Self Publication” are organized by container, and “One-Time Publications” are organized by article, with the most recent publication at the top of the list.

Updates will be made to this page when I have new writing to share. 🙂

Recurring Publications

Geekdom House

As one of the Staff Writers for Geekdom House‘s online magazine, Area of Effect, I make regular article contributions to the magazine. I will post links to all my articles here.

  • “Beren, Luthien, and Overcoming Prejudice” – August 2017
    • Article based on the newly-released Tolkien book Beren and Luthien
    • Available to read here
  • “RWBY Chibi and Escaping into Fiction” – July 2017
    • Article exploring escapism with the shows RWBY and RWBY Chibi as a backdrop
    • Available to read here
  • “Losing Your Self-Worth to a Suit” – July 2017
    • Article based on the Spider-Man: Homecoming movie
    • Available to read here
  • “Why Severus Snape Would Make a Great Therapist” – July 2017
    • Humorous list article to support the title
    • Available to read here
  • “True Villainy in Once Upon a Time: Captain Hook VS. Rumpelstiltskin” – May 2017
    • Analysis of a character feud in ABC’s hit TV show
    • Available to read here

One-Time Publications

  • “5 Important Tips Fiction Writers Can Learn From Screenwriting”
  • “5 Best Student-Friendly Movie Theaters”
    • Online magazine article
    • Published Spring 2017 by the online magazine Imprint
    • Available to read here
  • “One World to Rule Them All: How J.R.R. Tolkien Used Original Intertext to Create Middle-Earth”


Wattpad (Find me @authorcaitlineha)

  • The Beauty or the Beast?
    • Novella-in-progress: Fairy tale retelling, medieval fantasy
    • Plot summary: He was a Beast that everyone feared. She was a Beauty that nobody saw. Can they both be saved?
    • Available to read here
  • Dr. Flynn’s Shelter for Peculiar Animals
    • Novel-in-progress: Juvenile fiction, contemporary fantasy
    • Plot summary: When Ally asks for a dog for her birthday but gets a dragon instead, she finds adventures and misadventures she never could have imagined.
    • Available to read here

Find more information about my Wattpad writing, look under the “Ready to Read?” tab.

WordPress (Forged By Silverstar blog)

  • The Tales of Idriseld
    • Series of original fairy tales
    • Written to accompany Forged by Silverstar’s line of handmade jewelry
    • Available to read here