Ready to Read?

If you’d like to read my work, I have some published writing you can read totally for free! (For a complete list of my published works, check out the “My Publications” tab).

I recently began writing on a website called Wattpad – it’s kind of a combo between blog posts and e-books. Basically, I start a project, write a chapter, hit “publish,” and voila! It’s instantly available for any Wattpad user to read. Making a Wattpad account is also free, so if you’d like to check it out, I’d love for you to find me there! You can follow this link to my profile or find me by my username, @authorcaitlineha.

I’ll post summaries of my Wattpad books on this page (keep checking back for new projects!) and also write progress reports for them under the “Writing Bits and Tips” tab.

My Wattpad Novels

Dr. Flynn’s Shelter For Peculiar Animals

dr flynns shelter for peculiar animals cover 4


Genre: YA Contemporary Fantasy

Summary: I never asked to be different. Still, I guess a girl named “Althea” couldn’t expect to be totally normal. My parents never really helped matters either. It was their idea to go to Dr. Flynn’s Shelter for Peculiar Animals for my thirteenth birthday, instead of an ordinary dog shelter as I requested. That visit to Dr. Flynn’s brought my life to a whole new level of “different.” But I’m getting ahead of myself…My name is Althea Monroe, and the book you’re holding is my story. Hang on tight.

Completion status: In Progress

The Beauty or the Beast?

Beauty or Beast cover

Genre: Fantasy/Fairy Tale Retelling

Summary: He was a Beast that everyone feared. She was a Beauty that nobody saw. According to Belinda’s father, she is the image of her beautiful mother, the woman who died giving birth to her. But as Belinda reaches adulthood and never has even one suitor – in spite of the attention her sisters attract – she begins to wonder what’s wrong with her. Then her father runs afoul of a Beast in an isolated castle, and Belinda sacrifices her freedom to save her family. Can a cursed prince and an overlooked commoner find happily ever after?

Completion status: In Progress